Telling Tales is Back: What's Your Story?

Telling Tales is Back: What's Your Story?

Do you have a story to tell?

Telling Tales is our LGBTQ+ storytelling event, where we share experiences and raise queer and trans voices.

Telling Tales is back and this time the theme is:

Let’s talk about sex

We are looking for LGBTQ+ people to share their experiences of sex.  From pansexual to asexual and beyond, cybersex, safe sex, kinky or vanilla - we want to hear your stories of having (or not having) sex.

Sometimes it feels that we can’t do right for wrong when it comes to sex – either we aren’t having enough, or we aren’t doing it right or we are having the wrong type of sex with the wrong people.

Expectations are often high in our sexualized porn filled world but we want to know the real stories from real people having or not having real sex.


This is conversational storytelling - you don’t have to have had any previous experience of public speaking or creative writing and we discourage people from reading their stories verbatim at the event. Deliver your story like you were speaking to your friends. We’re inspired by The Moth and you can find some tips on how to put your story on their website

As both storytellers and audience members from our previous events will attest, we create an intimate, safe space for listening, learning and sharing.

Stories will be chosen and curated by Liverpool Queer Collective based on relevance, diversity, representation and heart. You must either identify as LGBTQ+ or your story must focus positively on someone who is LGBTQ+. 

If selected you will be asked to tell your story at our event on the evening of Friday 30 August 2019 at The Bagelry, Liverpool. 

How to apply

Please email your story in a 250 word (max.) synopsis to by Friday 9 August

Please include your name, age, city, and contact phone number in the email.

Come to Telling Tales

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