5 Queer YouTubers You Should Be Following

5 Queer YouTubers You Should Be Following

From it’s humble beginnings in 2005, little did we know that a video sharing website featuring people talking about their daily lives, strumming a cover song or giving the lowdown on the latest gadgets would turn into such a global phenomenon.

YouTube has grown in record time and is now the go-to resource for online entertainment (not to mention all of our DIY dilemmas!) for the younger generations.

One area where YouTube has always had a strong representation is with LGBTQ+ Vloggers. From pioneers like Hannah Hart to Liverpool Queer Collective’s own seedling of a channel, YouTube has something for every kind of queer.

Here’s our Mel’s top 5 queer YouTubers:


Ashley Wylde

Ashley Wylde is a queer and gender nonbinary writer, activist, and travel enthusiast currently living in Missoula, Montana. Ashley also started a project called The Gender Tag Project which explores the complex ideas of sex, gender roles, gender identity, and gender expression.


Alex Bertie

Alex is a transgender guy from Bournemouth, his channel is a lifestyle blog educating people on all things trans and queer. He has also documented his personal trans journey, in eye-opening details, reassuring and inspiring thousands of viewers.



Ebony and Denise are a two-mom family (US spelling since they’re based in New York) with three kids; Olivia, Jayden & Lucas. Tackling all the thorny subjects and acting as knowledge bank and advisers for other LGBTQ+ parents, Team2Moms boast a cool quarter of a million subscribers!


Calum McSwiggan

Calum McSwiggan is a London based LGBTQ+ lifestyle YouTuber who makes content about queer culture, issues that affect LGBTQ+ communities, mental health, sex and relationships.


Fox & Owl

Fox and Owl both define as non-binary. Fox was assigned female at birth, Owl was assigned male. Fox is from the UK and Owl is from Iceland. They met in Italy in 2016 and the rest is a romantic comedy. Fox & Owl are both trans activists and co-run the ongoing My Genderation film series.


Who are your fave YouTuber? Send us your suggestions via hello@liverpoolqueercollective.co.uk.

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