Reasons To Be Cheerful

Reasons To Be Cheerful

The UK’s political climate is at boiling point, there is rain forecast for the weekend and we’ve used up nearly all of our Bank Holidays. Don’t fear dear queers; there are still plenty of reasons to be cheerful.

Here are some of the most joyful, homo and happy headlines that have dropped this week. Guaranteed to cheer you up.


#1 The trailer for the new L Word just dropped

And it is fierce. As well as featuring familiar faces Bette, Alice and Shane (who are looking really good, by the way!) there is a whole cast of new young characters for the series titled The L Word: Generation Q. Plus the trailer features a song by Lizzo. Hot.


#2 Jonathan Van Ness wore this outfit to the MTV Video Music Awards

Need we say more?


#3 Travis Alabanza won a Total Theatre Award

Meaning the theatre world is starting to realise what an incredible talent they are.


#4 Tegan and Sara are back

And the video for their upcoming single Someday I’ll Be Back is a riot of 1990s technicolour retro wonder. The song is giving us nostalgic 90s feels too. The pair’s new album Hey, I’m Just Like You is out on 27 Septmeber and we can’t wait!


#5 David Beckham got a rocketman makeover courtesy of Elton John

The Beckhams have been holidaying with Elton and David Furnish and their Instagram posts have been gold.

David rocketman.PNG

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