Six Queer Podcasts You Should Listen To

Six Queer Podcasts You Should Listen To

Andrew says...

Whether it’s while I am cleaning, cooking or sitting at my desk working, there is nothing better than some ‘in flight’ entertainment. And what could be more entertaining and informative than a queer podcast?

So I spoke to some of the Liverpool Queer Collective fam and asked them to share their favourite podcasts. Strap yourself in – we are going on a journey.

Andrew loves...


Presented by Tobin Low and Kathy Tu, Nancy episodes explore different topics from the Gayly Grind to the word Queer and its usage. Episodes are just 15 – 25 minutes; so nice digestible chunks.

Tobin and Kathy are really easy going, fun presenters and the show won my heart with recordings of Kathy trying to get her mum to accept that she is queer, with not much luck.  

In short: Real stuff produced in an accessible and fun way.

Credit: Homo Sapiens podcast

Credit: Homo Sapiens podcast

Homo Sapiens

Homo Sapiens is presented by Will Young and Chris Sweeny and is their self-proclaimed version of BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, but for LGBTQ+ people.

Will and Chris have interviewed the LGBTQ+ glitterati– from John Grant to Peter Tatchel, Jack Monroe to Clare Balding. They’ve also explored topics from chemsex to LGBTQ+ inclusivity in schools; so there is always a bit of a political edge there.

In short: Fun and informative Homo Sapiens is a great listen and you’ll feel like Will and Chris are your friends.


The Moth Radio Hour

Okay  - it’s not strictly queer – but The Moth is real stories told by real people about their experience of life, including many storytellers from the LGBTQ+ community.

Messy, funny, embarrassing, sad, empowering, frightening and astounding – this podcast covers the breadth of human experience. Warning, you are sure to cry and could be reduced to laughing fits, but one thing is for sure, this podcast will connect you with your humanity and remind you that you are not alone. It also inspired our own Telling Tales events.  

In short: Filled with heart and magic, The Moth is a reminder that humanity can be rather lovely.


Char loves...

The LGBT Sports Podcast

I’m currently in training for my first marathon and have reached a stage in my training where long runs last at least 2.5 hours. All that time on my feet requires quality listening. When my legs start to burn the stars of the BBC’s LGBT Sports Podcast keep me inspired.

From community-based amateur sports clubs to gold medal winning Olympians, the podcast covers a wide range of sports as well as a range of experiences and challenges faced by trans and queer athletes.

In short: This podcast is the starting gun and the finish line for everything related to LGBTQ+ sports.


Queer Longing

Recorded in the North West’s second-best city, Manchester, in this newish podcast presenters Olivia Taylor and Lucy Cecil chat about everything they’re living for and longing for, for the LGBTQ+ community.  

While there are regular segments like “Celine Watch” and “I don’t agree with it” the podcast is mostly made up of the posh Mancunian duo’s ramblings about queer pop culture. It's sort of like the chats you have down the pub with your fave queer mates. And to be clear, that’s a good thing.  

In short: Chitchats on queer life and times in the North West of England.  


Emma loves…


This podcast popped up one day in my BBC Sounds app and I thought, that’s interesting, I’ll give it a go. Presenter Amrou Al-Kadhi was a guest on another podcast I listen to ‘No Country For Young Women’ so I knew that I liked their style. Combined with co-presenter Caitlin Benedict, their style is friendly, approachable and warm.

Of the two nonbinary presenters, Amrou has been out for some time, while Caitlin is currently exploring their gender identity. Each episode has a different theme such as looks, bodies, Drag and words, all leading up to Caitlin coming out to their parents.

In short: The big questions about gender and identity explored in an accessible way.


What podcast has been in your queer ears lately?

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