9 Fab Queer Films on Netflix Right Now

9 Fab Queer Films on Netflix Right Now

Homo for the holidays? Christmas can be exhausting. Whether you’ve given up trying to understand your parents’ political views or you’re hiding out from homophobic family members, take a break with these queer movies.

As you’re no doubt painfully aware, LGBTQ+ films haven’t always offered the height of entertainment. But things are changing fast! Here’s a list of 9 queer movies that you can find on British Netflix right now, personally viewed AND enjoyed by Char.

So make a brew, grab a mince pie and relaaaaaax.  

Duck Butter

Lesbians eh?! All that drama! If you’re a queer woman who has ever been told by a straight friend that their “life would be so much easier if I could just be with another woman” send them a copy of this movie, stat. Written and starring Alia Shawkat, together with Laia Costa, this story of a 24-hour romance is a funny, warm and often painful look at love and self-realisation.  

Gods Own Country

A.k.a. Brokeback Yorkshire. It’s grim up north, yet things heat up when emotionally repressed farmer Johnny meets Romanian labourer Gheorghe. It is a lazy reviewer who describes a Yorkshire-based drama as “gritty”, but this film is, well, it really is gritty. The landscape is bleak, the dialogue is minimal, Johnny’s inability to communicate his feelings is painful, yet under it all there is beauty in this unlikely love story.   

The 34th

This inspiring and emotional documentary traces the story of the hard-fought battle for marriage equality in Ireland. The bigger story is that of equality for Ireland’s LGBTQ+ community, while the smaller story (and the trigger for the campaign) centres on the relationship of Katherine Zappone and Ann Louise Gilligan and their fight to have their Canadian marriage recognised in their home country. [BTW, let’s not forget that the change in law only applied to the Republic of Ireland; it remains impossible for same-gender couples to marry in Northern Ireland.]


The best lesbian movie of all time. Fact. Cate Blanchett’s elegant and charismatic depiction of the eponymous lead alongside Rooney Mara’s wide-eyed Therese makes for a charming pairing. Yes the book was better. Sure, Carrie Brownstein is absolutely wasted. But overall, for Christmassy queer feels, Carol is the angel on top of the tree.  


The story of California’s first openly gay elected official Harvey Milk not only offers an essential LGBTQ+ history lesson, it is a brilliant movie. Set against a backdrop of 1970’s San Francisco, Milk’s charisma and sheer dogged determination turned the former Navy man and middle-class Jewish boy into a unlikely revolutionary leader. This beautiful biopic will get you all fired-up.  

The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Priscilla Queen of the Desert will turn 25 in 2019 - doesn’t that make you feel old?! While the film certainly show it’s age with its iffy depiction of a trans character alongside some gay stereotyping, this drag extravaganza made in 1994 was ahead of its time. If you’re looking for a fun, feel-good and very silly queer movie to entertain you over the festive break, this is the one!   

Paris Is Burning

Queer folk really have to understand their past. And if you believe that, then Paris Is Burning is essential viewing. This legendary award-winning documentary traces the lives of gay men and trans women in Harlem during the 1980’s. The film captures the creativity and need for safe space that sparked the great tradition of drag balls. Paris Is Burning is where competition, fierceness, eleganza and survival meet.   

Blue Is The Warmest Colour

A lot has been written about the sex scenes (exploitative? pornographic?) in this French lesbian movie. And without doubt those scenes are numerous, they are long and they are graphic. But less is written about the moving and raw performances by the two leads Adèle Exarchopoulos and Léa Seydoux, the poignancy of the story and its lessons on life and love. At just under 3 hours this film is a commitment, but worth it surely.  


Has anyone made it through Pride without blubbing yet? Tears aside, Pride is such a feel-good and fun movie, packed with laugh out loud moments despite the subject matter. This true story of a group of gays and lesbians who started a protest in support of the 1980’s miners’ strike will gently remind you of the plight of our queer elders, with warmth and a lot of humour. #Proud

Enjoy your movie break. And happy holigays!


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