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For 2 years Liverpool Queer Collective has survived from small donations, pay-what-you-can tickets, the hard-graft of volunteers and a lot of goodwill.

We’re a very different model to most LGBTQ+ organisations and as such, it is really hard for us to find funding. Meanwhile, 42% of recent Queer Hub attendees reported that they often feel lonely, and 64% of said that they have struggled with mental health issues to some extent or a great extent within the last 2 years.

There is a lack of provision for LGBTQ+ adults in Liverpool.

In the last 2 years we have:

  • Welcomed over 1,000 LGBTQ+ people to our events from children attending Pride with their parents to LGBTQ+ elders in their 70s, and every one in-between;

  • Enabled over 200 LGBTQ+ people to march in a friendly, accessible group at Pride in Liverpool;

  • Raised the voices of LGBTQ+ people through our storytelling events;

  • Curated truly queer spaces that represent the diversity of our community;

  • Supported and promoted hundreds of LGBTQ+ groups, events and activities within the Liverpool City Region.

We have done all of this for the love of our community. But sadly, this model is not sustainable.

We can’t run a growing organisation on love alone.

If you value what we do, please support our work.


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