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LGBT Book Club

  • Root Coffee 52 Hanover Street Liverpool (map)



COSY LGBT+-friendly cafe. Though we usually have a semi-seperate table, this is NOT a private space.

DIRECTIONS: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:"Root Coffee" has its address in Hanover ST, but is ACTUALLY JUST ROUND THE CORNER IN SEEL ST, opposite the side of big Tesco. Turn left as you enter venue, and you will see us on the long table. If in doubt, ask at the bar for "Book Group"; they are aware, and we have booked the space:)

WE ARE READING "THE SONG OF ACHILLES",Madeline Miller's award-winning depiction of the Homeric story of the gay love affair between Achilles and Patroklos, beautifully told.

In Part 2, we have a temporary change of format: TALK RE BOOKS YOU HAVE READ, GENERALLY, RECENTLY; and your favourite authors/books(next month: back to regular format of a theme related to the set book).

We read ALL GENRES OF FICTION, with a slight emphasis on LGBTQ+ content.

We take turns to choose the books;if you attend twice +, you get to choose a book!

RESPECT GUIDELINES: basically, if we don't agree, we agree to DISagree!

EVENT FREE; just a MINIMUM PURCHASE of one drink