5 Queer Tracks For The Weekend

5 Queer Tracks For The Weekend

Turns out tweeting non stop about Harry Styles will get you places in life. Who knew?!

I’m Emily Linka, and I’m happy to announce I’m a new music columnist for Liverpool Queer Collective. I’ll be bringing you columns on all things queer and musical, both locally and in the wider north-west music scene.

2018 has been more like TwentyGayTeen in the music world - with artists like Christine and the Queens and Troye Sivan making waves in the mainstream, it’s an exciting time to be immersing yourself in new music. Liverpool’s music scene continues to grow and thrive and if you can convince yourself to risk that final train home from Manchester, gigs for queer icons like Janelle Monae and Hayley Kiyoko are just a stones throw away.

Now full disclosure - I’m 99% certain the reason I have this gig is because over the summer, I decided (at 36 hours notice) to fly to LA for 47 hours to see Harry Styles final shows of his tour. I am not your stereotypical musical columnist, I will not stare disapprovingly at your Spotify “recently played”. I’m just as addicted to X Factor as the rest of you, even though I know it is literally the worst (but Louis Tomlinson is a genuinely angel, so it’s all fine right?)

What can you expect from me? I’ll be bringing you a selection box of goodies - from my favourite new releases, to the playlists I’ve stumbled across that have been playing on repeat, to gig reviews and recommendations.

If you’re a local band (and are queer or queer friendly) and you’ve got music you want me to listen to, gigs you want me to come to or if you just fancy having a natter, ping me over a tweet.

To get us started off, here’s my first video playlist. It's small handful of my current favourites tracks from LGBTQ artists (and one track from Sigrid that I can't get out of my head). Enjoy.

Years & Years - All For You: If you don't like Olly Alexander, I'm afraid we can't be friends. Sorry, I don't make the rules. Those of us lucky enough to have caught Years & Years at Fusion Festival on Otterspool over the summer can attest to the fact that this band absolutely bangs live. This is the track for when you're getting yourself ready for a night out after going through a shitty break up (why yes, I am speaking from experience, how kind of you to ask). The video is set in the same dystopian android-run universe to their previous releases from their sophmore album Palo Santo, and presents us with a dancing Olly Alexander transforming from an angelic chain-and-collar wearer into a black-leather-clad dance fighter. It's like a gay sexy Black Swan... kind of. Just go watch it and enjoy. And if you fancy catching them in the flesh, they're playing Mancester O2 Apollo on 29th November and 2nd December.

Christine and the Queens - Five Dollars: Currently sitting on the Radio 1 playlist, this song comes from Christine and the Queen's second album Chris. It's a solid groove of a track, piano and hand claps combining to give a distinctly 80s vibe. It's the sort of thing you'd pop on in the morning to shimmy around in your pants to, or, y'know do some push ups, have a shower, put your eye drops in (gotta take care of those peepers) and then head out in a sharp suit for an evening of S&M fun (I promise there are tracks on this playlist that don't have a super sexual video). Your choice really. I may have needed a lie down after watching this video. It was a lot. Christine and the Queens are playing Manchester O2 Apollo on 27th and 28th November.

Hayley Kiyoko - Curious: Ok, am genuinely failing at this whole "videos that aren't weirdly sexual" thing. Let's just roll with it. Hayley Kiyoko aka "lesbian jesus" (if the Guardian says it's a thing, it must be true) is wondering if her ex girlfriend is serious about dating the frankly dull looking guy she's arrived at a party with, and decides to work through this pondering whilst being stroked in her underwear by a gaggle of beautiful women and dancing in oversized Hawaiian shirts. Fair enough to be honest, I wish I'd done that last time I got dumped instead of crying alone in bed in pants whilst reading One Direction fan fic. The chorus for this track will get stuck in your head for days and I take no responsibility for any injuries sustained whilst trying to replicate Hayley's dance moves. Hayley is playing a sold out show Manchester Academy 2 on October 24th (and yes, I'm bitter about missing out on tickets).

Sigrid - Sucker Punch: We interrupt this sexy queer broadcast to bring you a really bad video for a banging track. I hate this video. Just... I don't know, close your eyes or something? It made me feel a bit queasy so I couldn't even watch the whole thing but I am obsessed with this song. I played it 4 times in a row yesterday. I sang it to myself as I walked down the street with my headphones on.I sang it whilst listening to another song. It will get under your skin and stay with you for days. Sorry not sorry.

Charli XCX & Troye Sivan - 1999: The videos for this playlist have got weirder as we've gone on but this is the price we pay for giving me free reign and no editorial guidelines I guess? The non stop 90s throwbacks in this one are EVERYTHING. Look, this is just pure joy and if it doesn’t make you smile, I want to give you a hug and check if everything is ok. Let's ignore the fact that Charli XCX and Troye Sivan probably can't even remember 1999 because they are young pop starlets, and instead reminisce about what we all went to our end of the millenium New Year's Eve parties as. I went as the millenium bug. How very conceptual of me. Anyway, we get more piano and hand claps here, but we're rocking a definite late 90s dance vibe and I am so here for it. Peppered with references to your favourite 90s songs and a nostalgia for a simpler time, this is a song to blast in your car on a Saturday night when you're driving to McDonalds for a late night milkshake. I'd definitely put it on repeat and do a second spin round the block for it. Charli XCX is busy supporting Taylor Swift and Troye Sivan is doing his own thing in America, so no tour dates here, but lets all collectively join together and hope for a UK Troye tour soon because some people (me) really need that queer joy in our lives.

Annnnnnd that's it from me for now. I'll see you in a couple of weeks to bring you some more music recommendations, some music chat and maybe even a gig review or two.

If you've liked what you've read, come chat with me on twitter and if you haven't, go do something you enjoy instead. Life is too short to be angry at strangers on the internet.

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